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    The Firefly

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    The Firefly

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Mon May 25, 2009 5:23 pm

    -The Substance
    facts about the firefly
    1 -The firefly is a rock-like substance, retreived from a newly discovered planet, The Undying

    2 -the firefly is given its name by the faint orange glow it emmits.

    3 -although the glow has no paticular meaning or function it seems as if the glow itself it to draw attention to itself, Though the purpose for that is unknown the firefly is drawn to living things.

    4 -the firefly all together weighs in at 55 pounds and is about the size of a beachball *this is before it broke into fragments*

    5 -when fragments of the firefly are in direct contact with the dermis, such as in a open wound the firefly attaches itself to the organism, as if to use it as a host, When in direct contact with the dermis the firefly embeds itself in the flesh tissues. A cord like vein stems out from the firefly and makes it way to the back of the organism's head. X-rays can determine that the firefly connects to the cerebrum, cracking through the skull painlessly at the size smaller then a needle point. No matter what typer of host, whether dog or human, the results will be the same.

    6 -When the firefly attaches itself to a host the body automaticaly shuts down, in other words the host will die, the the firefly "reboots" the host, to ensure that the host wont try to rip the fragment of the firefly out. The host gets enhanced sences as well. The stem attaches to the cerebrum is used to use the hosts sences as its own, for reasons such as to detect if the host is in danger, behaviour changes in the hosts are minor, although in most animal hosts its known to have increased aggression

    7 -When the host is up against a potential thret the firefly will detect the enemy and change its host, in anyway nessasary to fight off its enemy, this change can also be triggered by a sence of strong emotion. Some hosts dontt change unless feeling a strong emotion. Although the change can be at random the host has a main change that is unique to the host and is used more often. the change of the host's body is a defence mechanism the firefly provides. The eyes in hosts have two types of changes the eyes either have:
    a) White of the eyes changes to black, the irises go red with slit pupils.*displays that the host is in contol (seen in most human subjects)*
    or b) the irises fade to white and become pupiless *shows that the firefly controls the host in a way (seen in most animal subjects)*

    8 -The host can also change their body in any ways given that they have a strong mental image.

    9 -the change causes little or no pain to the host because the firefly numbs the nerv cells until the change is complete. hosts sometimes experience a "aftershock" (when hosts experience a light shock-like pain.)
    *the firely causes odd obsessions in hosts xP *

    10 -When the firefly is removed, such as being ripped from the host's flesh and severing the cord-like vien, the host will automaticaly die, proving that the firefly had kept the host alive aince it attached to its host.

    11 -the body of the host should be burned prior to removing the firely, This being because the flesh seizes to decay naturaly.

    12 -having the firefly attached not only makes the characteristics of its host superhuman, it affects the laws of nature and allows the hosts body to transent time.

    13 -however if the host fights a enemy and becomes real weak, unable to fight anymore, the firefly will detach itself by will. It then leaves the host to die and rot away.*when the firefly chooses to detach itself the flesh will begin to decay*

    14-The firefly alters the host in ways so they can acheive and display as much power as they physicaly can.such as:
    *if the firefly attaches itself to someone very young the firefly will allow the host to age till their body can attain the peak of the power of the firefly's fragment embedded within them. and thus the firefly stops the hosts body from aging afterwards,
    *if the firefly attaches itself to someone old their body reverses the age process, taking a year off their age within a day's time. this proceeds until they can use the fireflys power to its full extent.
    *If the firefly attaches itself to someone who is physicaly unable to see or do things such as being bind or paralyzed, they would be able to see again under certain conditions.
    The ability given to the host fro the firefly is completely random and unable to predict. Abilities depend on the characteristics of the host and its commenly found that a talent or such is enhanced greatly
    -ace levi was a track star and after the firefly attached to him he could run at inhuman speeds and defy the laws of gravity-

    15 -no matter how many hosts are found they all have abilities unique to them

    16 -The firefly is a living organism although it needs next to nothing to survive, it can survive in the worlds harshest conditions Its main power is dirived bt the host it lives off of. even though the firefly is like a rock it can be broken up into peices that is if it doesnt crumble first.
    When the fragments cant find the host over the years they will slowly come back together as if being pulled together by a magnetic force.
    When the host is embedded with the firefly, they find themselves drawn to the direction of the nearest host besides themselves, in other words all hosts are drawn to eachother. Hosts often refer to other hosts as "siblings", that being as they were "born" from the same stone,
    Most hosts tend to fight when they meet, though the reason is unknown, but there is a theory that the firefly cuases the behavior.

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