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    Hotaru Pet Template

    Rebecca Seitz
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    Hotaru Pet Template

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Mon May 25, 2009 5:34 pm

    Name: [What is the name of your Hotaru Pet?"]

    Gender: [Boy or Girl?]

    Age: [How long has your Hotaru pet lived? remember the firefly seizes the aging process of your Hotaru]

    Race: [What kind of animal is your Hotaru?]

    Apperence: [Text or picture will do]

    Firefly Placement: [Where is the firefly attached to your Hotaru?]

    Personality: [How does your Hotaru act? Give at least a paragraph]

    History: [How did your character meet their Hotaru?]


    Alteration Trigger: [Does your hotaru change when it experences fear, anger, pain, sences a potentail threat ect.]

    Ability: [what can your Hotaru do?]

    Alteration Apperence: [How does your Hotaru look after engaging in its alteration? Text or picture will do]

    Techniques: [Be sure to add limits, duration and cooldowns]

    1-99 posts: 2 techs
    100-199 posts: 3 techs
    200-299 posts: 4 techs
    300-399 posts: 5 techs
    and so on :3

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