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    Firefly: RP Plot

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    Firefly: RP Plot

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Mon May 25, 2009 6:06 pm

    The search for the fragments continued....
    fragments of the stone of the devil himself, or at least...thats what they now call it

    The Firefly had been saught out by many people, Fate itself had brought people to be infected with such a substance.
    It was first introduced many years ago, decades ago. Being brought to the earth after discovering a new planet. Scientists called this planet 'the Undying'
    however no official name had been given to it. It is a planet with no name.

    The firefly changed organisms it attached to, decades past after it first appeared to the earth, and disappeared after more decades. Information of the firefly was never released to the public eye....
    Now once agian it has appeared, not the same one as before however.

    A trip had been made, back to the planet with no name!
    we have taken more substances from the planet, and will begin to analize them. Hopes are high in this discovery.

    Who knew curiousity could lead to such destruction?
    Once again, the firefly had made its way around the world, crumbling up into small fragments, and infecting people once more. The public now cowers in fear of the people it infects, who become deadly, like a living weopan that defys the laws of the earth. Town have been dystroyed and the world has begun to crumble away in ruin

    Old rivalries have been revived:

    the Ukiyo, people who are infected with the firefly who try to retrieve fragments from other hosts, in attemps to seal the substance away once more, and to recruit more hosts and teach them how to control the firefly's impulses of destruction. Five teams and five leaders guide the Ukiyo and keep order.

    the Sepikou, people who are infected with the firefly who also try to infect more and more people with the firefly, The Sepikou has gathered many fragments over the year by killing off weaker hosts. These hosts allow the fireflys impulses to run through them, making them crave destruction, and to make the world their own.

    these two groups have been established once again, and are eternal rivals of eachother.

    however there are hosts who roam in solitude, only to be confronted by the Ukiyo and Sepikou who try to bring them to their side.....

    the war has just begun, and the world is already in ruins...

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