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    Races / Groups

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Mon May 25, 2009 7:14 pm

    Ukiyo: people who are infected with the firefly who try to retrieve fragments from other hosts, in attemps to seal the substance away once more, and to recruit more hosts and teach them how to control the firefly's impulses of destruction. Five teams and five leaders guide the Ukiyo and keep order

    Leaders: These are the Five leaders of the five teams that lead the Ukiyo. The leader of team 1 has authority over all other team members and Leaders

    Sepikou:people who are infected with the firefly who try to infect more and more people with the firefly, The Sepikou has gathered many fragments over the year by killing off weaker hosts. These hosts allow the fireflys impulses to run through them, making them crave destruction, and to make the world their own

    Tenma: There are five Tenma in the Sepikou, under the command of the Sepikou commander. These are the five most powerful hosts in the Sepikou and have authority over other members in the Sepikou.

    Roamers: People who are infected with the Firefly and dont side with the Ukiyo or Sepikou. However they are confronted by them, trying to be pursuades to join on of the two.

    Humans: People who havent been infected with the Firefly, however they are under attack by the Sepikou who try to infect them.

    Hotaru: Hotaru are animals that have been infected with the Firefly, most Hotaru are wild and will attack any host it can find. However some hosts have domesticated Hotaru who accompany them on their travels.
    Ryouken are hound hotaru and are claimed to be the strongest. Ryouken guard the Sepikou

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