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    Alucard Done


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    Alucard Done

    Post by Alucard on Tue May 26, 2009 3:26 am

    Name: Alucard
    Age: 16 hasn't stopped again yet

    Gender: Boy

    Nationality: Scottish

    Appearance: he has a big scar down his chest

    Alignment: Roamer

    Personality: His personality is random at best he has quite a violent nature and will attack if he is anger or offended, he doesn't like being ordered around by someone. Some times his emotions will be amplified and he will act on pure anger, happiness ect, he will some times talk to himself, also if feels like he has a monster in side him that wants to kill everything it doesn't matter what.

    Firefly Placement: in the middle of his scar on his chest

    History: He was born in Ninku City he lived happily with his family he had a little brother, two big sisters and two big brothers his mom and dad. There was an accident and his mom and dad died later his brothers and sisters were killed by a gang and his little brother committed suicide the thing is this didn't really happen he made this up in his mind,

    What really happened was his mom died giving birth and his father was left to take care of him, he was a scientists and Alucad was tested on. One of the test was to make him as fast and as strong as a host..but when he died when he was ten it seemed his body wasn't ready for the power. He opened his eyes and saw a bloody scene before him it was hard to tell who the person in front of him was but he knew it was his father, he had a firefly fragment on his chest not knowing how it got there, maybe his dad had one for research, he did know and didn't care all he knew is that he has a power and he can do what ever he wanted to.
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    Re: Alucard Done

    Post by Xanos Talon on Sat May 30, 2009 12:37 am


    LUUL! Brother be wiff you, bruddahzz!

    Dry sex weeeee

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