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    Kirala, the black panther

    Rebecca Seitz
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    Kirala, the black panther

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Tue May 26, 2009 5:51 pm

    Kirala *Kira for short*


    17 years *aging process had seized*

    Black Panther


    Firefly Placement:
    its placed inside of her mouth, on her gums on her upper jaw. The firefly can be seen when she opens her mouth as it is placed over top of her teeth

    Kira tends to give off a frightening impression, being a big wild cat that is larger then average fightens people. This is why Kira either stays outisde of towns when rebecca goes in them, however the two remain away from larger areas. Kirala seems protective at times although she acts like a kitten when alone with Rebecca and anyone she is friends with

    meh its somewhat included in my characters history


    Alteration Trigger:
    Kira is able to control her rage and the inpules of the firefly, thus the alteration itself, however her main trigger is caused by sencing a potentail threat and fear.

    Kira can speak to people believe it or not, however its only possible when she has physical contact with them , in which her words are transmitted mentaly to the person she is touching.

    When her alteration is released Kira's cells break apart and expand. Making her apperence larger Her size being that of a Semi. However she remains a bit see through, her cells being held together by the force of the firefly itself. She glows purple in color. Having two tails now that can whip a target. The glowing blue from her eyes and mouth can blind a target for a short ammount of time. Her body seeming to be a dark shadow itself. Only her tail, head/teeth, and claws/paws, can touch a enemy. In her alteration she can speak oraly, only that her words seem to echo and her mouth doesnt move to speak as the words are erutped from her body

    Alteration Apperence:


    Blinding Light
    Kira intensifies the glow in her eyes and mouth, almost creating a beam to engulf her target. If the target is hit with the beam or looks directly at it then they will be blinded for a short ammount of time.
    effects: Target becomes blinded by the light
    *Can be used 2 times in battle* *takes 1 post to use* *Target is blinded for 3 posts* *3 post cool down*

    Stunning claws and bite
    Kira Gathers most of her cells in her paws, teeth and claws, then attacks her ememy. If her claws scratch ad teeth to bite a ememy they become numb in the area she hits. Paralyzing them temporarily in the area the wound is in. Since Kira's cells come together she reduces in side to be a bit smaller then a regular sized car.
    effects: Target is paralyzed in wounded area while having trouble moving the area
    *can be used 3 times in battle* *lasts for 3 posts* *target feels effects for 4 posts* *five post cooldown*

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