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    Sexual Content

    Rebecca Seitz
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    Sexual Content

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Wed May 27, 2009 4:05 pm

    1 We do allow sexual content to be roleplayed on the site. However if you are having mature content give a warning in the title of the thred your posting in

    2 If your character decides to have a raping spree then you must ask the person who plays the character your planning to rape. Dont go out of control please, and be mature here.

    3 Be respectful and use common sence. Dont have your charcter running around Raping everyone. If you are told to stop and not give that action to a persons character you will recieve a warning. If you continue it will lead to a day ban and so on.

    4 There may be some cases in which your character cannot escape certain things like rape. Say if you are kidnaped and held hostage and some horny bugger comes to have their way with you. The ability for your character to avoid rape may be low.. However if the person does not want the detail and that, they must notify the user and ask them to censor the scene.

    5 I dont want to hear any complaining or anything that says "omg look look these two are doing the no no! thats bad!" if you do not like it then i ask you not to read the topics that state "mature" in the title. Be mature people and dont whine. If your in a topic that turns mature then leave if you are offended or bothered in a way.

    6 Areas such as the Hotsprings an the Hotel are probably going to have the most mature content in them. This is just a reminder

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