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    Horusho's Ability


    Horusho Zera

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    Re: Horusho's Ability

    Post by Horusho Zera on Thu May 28, 2009 8:10 am

    Alteration name: UnNatural Evolution
    Alteration Trigger: Horusho undergoes his change when someone he really cares about is in danger.
    Type: Transformation
    {some examples: Alteration, Regeneration, Enhancement, Superhuman characteristics, Elemental Munipulation}
    Alteration Apperance: He looks normal except the blue part of his eye turns bown the red turns green and the white turns black
    Alteration Power: Can transform into any animal that he has seen.
    Techniques: 1. Can transform into any animal he has seen. 2. Can copy the ability of any animal {Cheetah ability=fast Bird=Flight Snake=Stealth} 3. Can copy any type of animalistic Feature.

    Evolved abilites are attained through training and experience, They are very powerful and characters that are Leaders of the Ukiyo and Tenma of the Sepikou automaticaly get it.
    other characters must train to achieve it.

    Evolved Ability Name: Universal Evolution
    Evolved Ability Apperence: The whole body and the eyes turn pure white.
    Evolved Ability Power: Can transform into any type of animal and multiply there ability by two. Also being able to mix certain creatures abilities to make their own CUSTOM CREATURE.

    Your allowed to register 1 evolved abiltiy technique when you acheive it.
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    Re: Horusho's Ability

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Fri May 29, 2009 8:58 pm

    Aprroved ^^

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