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    Yuki The Scarlet Rose


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    Yuki The Scarlet Rose

    Post by Yuki on Thu May 28, 2009 10:51 pm

    Name: Misifune Yuki

    Age: 19

    Gender: Girl

    Nationality: German


    Alignment: Roamer

    Personality: She is quiet but flirtateous. She loves the company of other people and loves cuddly animals. Namely cats or dogs, but even exoctic things like lion cubs and baby elephants. She finds them adorable. She can speak fleuntly in many languages, but when she's angry she reverts back to German, cussing loudly. She pretty, and knows it and will not hesitate to use that to her advantage. She doesn't like when people obstruct her from her goals and will sometimes do whatever it takes to remove the obstacle from her path.

    Firefly Placement: In her back, right above her butt, she marked the area with a firefly tatoo.

    History: She was born in a bustling city, full of promise and adventure. As a young child she managed to always get into trouble, no matter where she went, but somehow she found a way to get out of it. In Germany she learned many different languages, she had a knack for them and she learned Japanese, English, French, Latin to name a few. She was never held back when it came to linguistic ability. She was always privlegded her family being very wealthy. Everything seemed to lead to her having a perfect life, and then she died.

    Figuratively speaking of course. The day the firefly shard imbed itself into her, she "died" while remaining very much alive. She felt it of course, noticed its presense and noticed the changes it had on her, her newfound abilities, he newfound lack of ageing, her inability to get sick. All because one day she had decided to take a walk in the woods, by herself. Now being the freak that she was, she ran away from home, taking the money that was her inheritance to travel the world, trying to find her way in it.

    She came across a few, who like her hand encountered the strange parasite known as the Firefly. However she felt the need to travel alone and so she constantly searches for something she can't name. She doesn't know what she seks, she just hopes she'll know when she finds it. She carries a card that allows her to access her funds, should she need them, a backback with some spare undies, a toothbrush and others. But most of all she always is seen wearing a dark dress, contrasting to her bright red hair, with a rose fastened somewhere on her body.

    (OOC:Yea...couldnt really think of a history)

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    Re: Yuki The Scarlet Rose

    Post by G on Thu May 28, 2009 10:54 pm


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