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    Alteration Template

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    Alteration Template

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Sun May 24, 2009 2:17 pm

    Alteration name: [did you name your alteration?]
    Alteration Trigger: [does your alteration take place when you feel sudden emotion or are in danger*hosts who had the firefly longer can alter at will*]
    Type: [what kind of ability is it?]
    {some examples: Alteration, Regeneration, Enhancement, Superhuman characteristics, Elemental Munipulation}
    Alteration Apperance: [How does your character look during their alteration]
    Alteration Power: [what does your alteration allow you to do?]
    Techniques: [requires a limits, duration, and cooldowns]

    1-99 posts: 3 techniques
    100-199 points: 4 techniques
    200-299 points: 5 techniques
    300-399 points: 6 techniques
    you get the picture ;D
    Leaders and Tenma get 1 extra technique

    Evolved abilites are attained through training and experience, They are very powerful and characters that are Leaders of the Ukiyo and Tenma of the Sepikou automaticaly get it.
    other characters must train to achieve it.

    Evolved Ability Name: [did you name your evolved ability?]
    Evolved Ability Apperence: [what does your character look like during the alteration?]
    Evolved Ability Power: [what can you do]

    Your allowed to register 1 evolved abiltiy technique when you acheive it.

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