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    Rules on Killing a Host

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    Rules on Killing a Host

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Fri May 29, 2009 4:47 pm

    1) ANYONE can rip the firefly fragment from another host. The vein that connects the firefly must be severed from the cerebrum in the process.

    2) However the hosts body remains in a immortal state, this being because the flesh seizes to decay. The host seem to be in a coma. awaiting to be attached with the firefly one again.

    this is why the hosts body MUST be disposed of by burning for example.

    3) During a fight if the body has taken to much damage, becoming soo weak they cannot continue. With being close to mortal death, the firefly will detach itself from that host to go and find a new, stronger host. The flesh will begin to Decay and the Host will automatical die

    to kill a character you must extract their firefly and dispose of the body. You must have the characters concent if your going to kill them.
    If you dont dispose of the body another fragment may attach to the body and 'revive' them

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