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    Weapons/Fighting style Template

    Rebecca Seitz
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    Weapons/Fighting style Template

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Sun May 31, 2009 3:09 pm

    Hosts can have 1 weapon, humans can register up to 3 weapons, and every 200 points they are allowed to register a new Weapon

    Fighting style
    Name: [what do you call your fighting style?]

    Discription: [tell us how you use your fighting style?]

    Ability: [Are there any special characteristics that come with this style?]

    Name: [what do you call your weapon?]

    Type: [what kind of weopan is it?]

    Appearence: [text or pic will do]

    Techniques: [Techs on how you fight with your weapon and fighting style] *include limits, durations and cooldowns*

    1-99 points= 3 techs
    100-199 points= 4 techs
    200-299 points= 5 techs
    and so on

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