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    Uri - Hayato



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    Uri - Hayato

    Post by Hayato on Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:55 pm

    Name: Uri

    Gender: Boy

    Age: 32

    Race: Kitten


    Firefly Placement: The end of the tail.

    Personality: Towards everyone except Gokudera it acts kind, friendly, and adorable. However to =wards Gokudera it acts very much like Gokudera appears to. When angered or simply in a bad mood it will scratch at Gokudera's face and when battle it will fight with every ounce of strength is has.

    History: Uri was found by Gokudera licking it's wounds at a very young age. When Gokudera found it and took care of it, Uri began mimicing Gokudera's behavour around him but still sought attention and love from cute girls around it. Uri while in it's own sense of coming to understand what the firefly shard had done to it formed a special bond with Gokudera that couldn't be very well described.


    Alteration Trigger: Whenever it senses a potential threat or Gokudera pours some energy of his own into Uri.

    Ability: Uri grows tremendously in size and on it's shoulders grow two large metal discs with the appearance of skulls on each that seem to give off a fire very similar in colour and shape to the standard shot of Gokudera's ability.

    Alteration Apperence:


    Hidden Roar - Uri sends out a roar infused with energy from the 'firefly' shard that quite literally sends fear and doubt into all that hear it. The roar can also be used at close range as a sort of shock wave to knock enemies away. (Duration 3 posts, Cooldown 2 posts.)

    Panther Strike - Uri's speed and strength increase immensely for a short burst of time while the fire from the plates on it's shoulders appear on it's front and back paws. (Duration 2 posts, Cooldown 1 post.)
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    Re: Uri - Hayato

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:13 pm

    accepted ^_^

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