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    Post by Daryga on Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:21 pm

    Alteration name: Seinsuke Daryga de Mokoro

    Alteration Trigger: Through years of training Daryga can activate his powrs at sheer will, but an automatic trigger is the feeling of irritation or annoyance.

    Type: Potential Energy

    Alteration Apperance:

    Alteration Power: Potential energy is the built up, or stored energy in a certain object that eventually is released into a force of motion known as kinetic energy. As potential energy, this source is able to be used to create just about anything that involves some sort of motion; AKA this energy has the potenetial to perform any action that involves movement. Daryga's power allows him to create or use this potential energy to his advantage in any way such as speed, strength, high-speed regeneration, elemental attacks (i.e. Converting the stored energy into fire for some kind of fire strike or defense), and more. Now this power can only work for Daryga's advantage, not his opponent's disadvantage. For example, Daryga can increase the speed at which his wounds will heal, but he cannot control his enemies' attacks or defenses because that is not his energy, thus, he has absolutely no linked control over it so it is impossible for him to manipulate it at his will. This power is truly powerful and complicated to explain. Daryga is able to manifest his potential(stored) energy in any way he would like by converting it for specific needs. Now, since this is stored energy, he cannot do everything at once because it will eventually run out and he will need to wait to store more so Daryga cannot, say, use high spped regeneration, fire an earth elemental attack, run towards the opponent at extreme speeds, and then headbutt him with superhuman strength all at the same time. Using so much energy at one time, potenetially going over the limit of energy you have stored, could kill Daryga within minutes because if too much energy is lost/used, then he will not have enough energy left for his body to perform properly. The maximum amount of tasks he is able to do is three at a specific time and four would put a major strain on him; five or six would msot likely put him in a fatal condition, induce him into a coma, or cause serious damage. Seven or eight tasks at a time would kill him. So he could probably increase his speed, use high speed regeneration, and fire-based elemental attacks, but anything more than those three would strain him too much to go on in a fight for much longer. Now, Daryga is able to switch the tasks that he would like to perform (i.e. If he is using super strength, super speed, and water-based elemental attacks and he wants to use earth-based attacks instead, he must first wait 3 posts in order to re-withdraw enough energy to perform a steady elemental attacks and then he will need one more post to convert the energy of water into energy of earth, thus, wlloing him to use earth-based techniques).


    (I'll make some later when I am not lazy xD)

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