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    Rebecca's chambers

    Rebecca Seitz
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    Rebecca's chambers

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:06 pm

    ((short but who gives a shit >.>))

    Rebecca bounded into her chambers, now a member of the 5 ferice tenma. A yawn escaped from her charming lips as she twirled on her feet, leaving the door open to her room. She wondered where her hotaru pet still was, and how she would react to her becoming a Sepikou let alone a Tenma, another thought crossed her mind about the man she met one day and dragged to her hotel for some fun. she wondered where he was to. Shame that he was gone, Rebecca has so much fun with that boy that night.

    Moving forwards Rebecca set herself down on the luxury bed in the room equiped with silken sheets. Her room was quite luxurious except for the fact there were some torcher tools in her room, Rebecca had such a bad, mistress side to her now. and ended up being bored now. mabey she could find something to get her more amused

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    Re: Rebecca's chambers

    Post by Daryga on Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:18 am

    ((Mine gonna be short too, sorry. This is Ichijo by the way xD))

    As a cross-breeded hound, Daryga was often ridiculed and rejected for being such a mongrel. These conditions were unacceptable for a man, even if he was only a hounf-fox thing... He needed nourishment and a home when he came upon a rather large house. Large houses usually meant rich humans lived there and being rich meant jackpot on food, drink, shelter, and generally everything else. Using bushes and a stray box lying aroud, Daryga leaped over the stone wall into the courtyard of the mansion. The gaurds soon heard the squabbling and came over to retain the problem. Daryga needed to act swiftly so he leaped onto a leading ledge, that decorated the outdoor stairway and then leaped once more, silently, into a bedroom. The relieved hound-fox had escaped the guards and now had entered the home. Upon turning his head around to the room, he found that a woman lounged herself upon the bed with what looked to be servants besides her. Daryga instinctively reverted into a lower-defensive stance and let out a grave growl; in case the young woman proved threatening. Honestly, right now, all Daryga wanted to do was eat a litttler bit and sleep; he had been wandering for days and his paws were scathed from the sidewalk/street cement. The woman seemed calm enough, but he kept defensive... This one time, if she did not attack him, he would allow himself to fall in and greet the human whole-heartedly... Because he needed food.

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