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    Rebecca Seitz~

    Rebecca Seitz
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    Rebecca Seitz~

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Mon May 25, 2009 4:11 am

    Name: Rebecca Seitz

    Age: 16 however she looks 18 because of the firefly

    Gender: girl

    Nationality: German and Ukranian

    Apperence: - lookie at teh avvie =F -

    Alignment: Roamer >3

    A few words describe her: Bubbly, Fun and silly, she is loyal and sometimes calm, but she is short tempered and gets angered easily. some times she acts like she doesnt care. when meeting new people she is sometimes shy and says little*althought thats mainly around guys*, but when you get to know her she acts cheerfull and silly, doesnt really try to get attached to anyone. she may try to act silly just to make others laugh, since she can never stand to see people mad or sad, She sometimes acts purposely stupid so she can make them laugh, however she is clumsy as well but never hurts herslef really seriously. Rebecca is also a bit of a flirty girl and will go up randomly to some guy and ask for a hug, for no paticular reason.
    she is rather emotional, and can cry easily, her emotional self gets hurt easily. she was a honor role stident in her school, proving she has brains to asses situations, but she can find almost anything shes looking for if its lost. she is great at art and other things. when she is angered she tends to loose control of herself and craves to fight. She falls in love easily, and when she falls in love she falls hard for them. She longs for someone to accept her and love her and only her, even if she finds it to be greedy she would love them and always follow them.

    However the firefly urges sometimes get to her in which she gives in. When alone with a boy the firefly urges her to do more mature things with them, however she managed to hold the urge back for now. but it keeps getting stronger each day ;3

    Firefly Placement: On the front her left hip, she also has another fragment embedded under her right eye and on her chest *more then 2 i know but im special :3* apparently through one of he alterations the firefly moves its postition to the middle of her ehad and glows purple

    she was born on october 6 in a small town hospital. she lived with her mother and father in a old house aways from her granparents farm. she had one brother named Blaze who only shared the same mother as her and was three years older then her.
    she lived with her mother and father till preschool, until one night the two got into a fight as Rebecca and her brother played a board game infront of them, the two .parents yelled at eachother and swore hatred at eachother, yet insted of doing something the two children knew to act like nothing happened even though they were hurting inside. her parents stayed together until she was in preschool.
    she wanted to stay around the area but after her parents split up she moved around with her mother throughout her life, first is was a nearby town, one still close to the farm. She attended a new school, made new friends, and lived in a new house for bit then that house burned down. She then was moved three hours away from that town, when she was in grade four
    then back to another town close to her grandparents farm. every weekend she'd visit her grandparents farm and sometimes her dad. but then her mother had problems so she was taken away from her mother and taken to live with her dads at age 12, her dad had another woman. soon after her dad sent her and her brother off to live at their grandparents , even though she never minded. but her dad moved about seven hours away had a new kid and married the woman, so rebecca felt like she wasnt needed. To the teachers in her school she was a grade A student, a honor roll student. She was smart but constently fustrated. She always held in the stress and any emotional pain, trying to hide it from everyone else, finding that she didnt want to bother people with her problems. She knew she was different, after the day her house caught on fire, things wernt th same, she was faced head to head with death for the first time.
    Rebecca had always loved to make friends and meet new people, although at times she bacame shy but in time that would go away and shed be more silly around them. She never did have friends for that long, due to the fact that she had to move around constently and she never kept the friends long enough. But she knew in time they would forget about her. Learning to become relient only to herself when she was in grade four she seemed distent from her family, only finding true welcoming at her grandparents farm. after moving away with her mother again,, who had a alcohol problem she was taken away from her mother by the police yet again. being sent 7 hours away to live with her father, she was now 15.

    her father was always a funny guy, but short tempered, she dirived her personality from her father, only looks she inherited from her mother, closely resembling her. If you held a picture of her bedside a picture of her mother at the same age you wouldnt be able to tell them apart. He father had remarried and had a new kid,, but seemed to pay more attention to them, and seemed to shut her out.
    Rebecca was always interested in many other things, although others disaproved of her interests and she seemed to be alone. she should have died years before, like when she was caught in the middle of a blizzard and her the car broke down, she almost commited suicide after beong a loner from school as well, two months later she moved away from her fathers, being kicked out cuz her room was being given to her fathers new child, and lived with her grandparents. She had only had two boyfriends in her life and that didnt last long cuz apparently she wasnt good enough for them.
    being out in the farm isnt alays safe. A cat like creature ended up attacking her for a odd reason, it was strange, this animal looked like something from a horror movie, with glowing pupiless eyes. Many places were cut, on her hip, on her face, and on her chest. almost everywhere, When Rebecca tryed to fight off this thing a chip broke off of this stone like object on its chest, odd how this fragment attached to her skin on her chest, where it had fallen onto. She had then fallen on the ground, another thing atached to her hip, what was it? then came that ...feeling. one of bloodlust, to fight to kill off your enemy, any threat..must die!
    Rebecca's eyes changed completely black, the iris's however were red with slit pupils, she barely remebered the fight, but when she woke up she didnt know what happened, only the moments leading up to where her eyes changed. Blood everywhere,

    Then began the serch to find out about this...thing that was still attached to her, through her hard work she stumbled upon something, a old note book that belonged to her distent relative Jeffy L. Ross. inside contained notes and observations, even pictures of reaserch he had done. He was a scientist of course.
    Through this notebook Rebecca serched, there were many projects that had information in it. but the the 'firefly project' was the one that caught her eye.
    she read through it annalized it and remebered all details she could. The book was updated by the looks of it, but must have been left behind after her reletive Jeffy disapeared....

    rebecca then realized about the change, about the firefly, and that Jeffy had it as well, long ago. Jeffy should have been a old man by now, she had already assumed he was dead....
    mabey when he left so long ago, at least that was the stories she heard about by her grandparents...
    Rebecca had left her home, now 16, she wondered around. She knew all about the ukiyo and the Sepikou, it was writin in the old book, and if she stayed with her family, the Sepikou would surely attack her.. so she wonders around, not sure on where to reside....yet

    Rebecca had come across another host, a animal host or also known as a hotaru. which attacked her. Rebecca faught this hotaru, a black panther race of cat. odd for a animal like that to be around here. Rebecca ended up turning to her altered state to fight it off. The cat had a chip of the firefly removed from it, only to be attached to Rebecca, under her right eye, after that fight the cat seemed to take control of itself. Rebecca felt sympathy for the panther, and treated it as a pet, then as time passed the cat and Rebecca met again and again over time. Rebecca had also noticed that her alteration had changed when the fragment of the hotaru's firefly embedded under her eye......

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    Re: Rebecca Seitz~

    Post by Xanos Talon on Mon May 25, 2009 4:22 am

    ~ Approved >3

    Maybe we could get together in a topic ;D

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