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    Zaquri >_>



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    Zaquri >_>

    Post by zaquri on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:19 pm

    Name: Zaquri

    Age: 56 But looks like he is in his early 20's thanks to his Firefly
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American


    Alignment: Roamer

    Zaquri Is a smart mouth Man who Denies ever being wrong. Thanks to his advanced intellect He can support his Ability To Argue Anything backed up by truth. His intelligence Also enables Him to see pass the games and obstacles layed before him By his Peers, Enemies And Even his embedded Firefly Which he reffers to His alternate Partner rather than his alter ego. So that also explains that he is smug and More accurate when it comes to being a conversationalist. He is Extremely Social And quite a Manipulator In more ways than one.

    Firefly Placement: In his Iris The image of a 2 dimentional Snow bird can be seen if you Ponder towards Eye contact too long. This is his only Firefly And it Enables Him to Put images Through his opponents head. He obtained it at the age of 42 So he is still immature with It and does not know how to control it well.


    Zaquri was Born in south asia As a inbred Son Of a Bitch. His father Is indeed his uncle and so on and so forth But I'd rather not get into that. Zaquri Hated the fact that he was inbred and never wanted His accursed bloodline. He Lived his life Teaching himself In libraries so that he can counter the Stereotype That inbred Males are Dumb animals. Zaquri Lived his life alone After his 13th birthday and his father And mother died By The notorious criminal Salazar Around the area of asia. He Lived Life unprotected And weak so He decided to protect himself No one else must know of his Existance.
    30 Years afterwards He was forgotten And marked as a relic of the past where he lived and thats when The firefly "snow bird" Found him. He Did not wish to exist And he was on the brink of dying from slit wrists. The snow bird Implanted itself in Zaquri's right eye and Even Removed a few years from his image. Zaquri Was awe struck at the new opportunity given to him And so he Left His accursed home to Enjoy life with the new strange powers given to him.
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    Re: Zaquri >_>

    Post by Rebecca Seitz on Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:46 pm

    Approved O_O nice

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